AL MAS AL NAJOOM Building materials LLC is a trading company concentrating on GCC. Hailing from the Family of KPG, India’s largest roofing store chain, AL MAS AL NAJOOM (AMAN) focus on providing quality products to the fast paced GCC market with the help of newer technology.

KPG ROOFINGS is the largest and the most popular roofing stores in india. Started as a business of roof tiles and stone coated roofing sheets in the small town of pallikkal bazar in kerala, KPG Roofings quickly transformed into the pioneers of roofings in kerala. By 2020, KPG roofings have 28 fully functional roofing showrooms and additional showrooms under construction.

KPG roofings has been mentioned by popular indian media sites including but not limited to Yahoo india, deccan chronicles, deccan herald, republic tv, outlook, THE WEEK, edtimes etc.

KPG branded tiles comes in different qualities and price ranges. The firm will be marketing KPG roofings branded roof tiles- India’s most sold roof tiles- to the middle east. The white clay roof tiles can prevent heat and is aesthetically capturing to the audience in the gulf region.

AMAN will also deals with the steel doors from KPG family – Aegis Steel wood doors. AEGIS Steel Doors ensure safety & durability without any compromise to the style & comfort. The numerous advantages found on style, safety, energy efficient, long life etc, gives better cost savings & AEGIS makes it affordable for any common señor to experience it meeting all specific site requirements with various sizes. AEGIS Steel Door is typically comprised of polystyrene/polyurethane cores that are then encased in steel – with honeycomb/rockwool in a unique process to maximize insulation & constructed with thermal adhesives to increase structural integrity. Wooden grain designs are laminated with appropriate temperature with colour guard protection to ensure everlasting life. AEGIS steel doors withstand heavy traffic and exterior elements. Single moulded, water resistant, a hallmark of excellence, eco-friendly, easy to install, highly secure, smooth functioning, UV protection are the major highlights of AEGIS Platinum/Premium Steel Doors.