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Dubai is one of the most renowned town in the world. It stays as the heart of international trade for decades. Dubai is the crane capital of the world with 25% of the cranes in the world operating in its interiors. There’s no doubt that Dubai is one of the most rapidly developing city and more and more residential projects are starting in Dubai each day. Considering the lifestyle of Dubai, The residential projects tends to be architectural marvels, combining the modern elements and traditional elements alike.

The United Arab Emirates is amidst the desserts and is well known for its hot temperature. The summer in Dubai is unbearably hot. The sun shines at its peak and the temperature can go upto 49 degree celsius. This higher temperature makes it necessary to have good heat-resisting roofing options for UAE.

Among all the roofing options, when it comes to reliability and heat resistance, roof tiles are the ultimate choice. Even though the acceptance of innovative products like roofing shingles in Dubai are jaw-dropping, the natural tiles are forever a favourtie choice.

What types of Roof tiles are available in UAE ?

Mainly there are 4 types of roof tiles avaialble in united arab emirates. These are

  1. Red clay Roof tiles
  2. Ceramic roof tiles
  3. White clay roof tiles
  4. Shingles roof tiles

Red clay roof tiles

Red clay roof tiles are traditional roof tiles made of red clay and commonly available in terracotta colour. These tiles are available locally in the middle east and there are some manufacturing plants. But the main problem with these tiles is that they are prone to algae and fungus, and will eventually lose its colour and charm. You can see these tiles changing their colour to black over time. Also these tiles are massive and weigh around 4 kg per sq feet.

Red clay tiles are now imported to UAE from Europe – mainly Spain and France. These tiles are a little expensive and premium and have eye-catching colors. However, their reliability is at par with the traditional clay tiles. Notable imported european roof tile brands include Tejas Borja, La escandella, monier etc

Ceramic Roof tiles

ceramic roof tiles are budget-friendly roof tiles available in the market. These tiles are mainly imported from China. The notable features of these tiles are that they are more reliable than the red clay roof tiles. The major advantages of ceramic roof tiles are ;-

  • Ceramic roof tiles are water-resistant and will not absorb water
  • ceramic roof tiles resist algae and fungus
  • Lightweight than red clay roof tiles
  • The ceramic coating ensures the colour of the roof tile will never fade.

The price of ceramic roof tiles are also comparatively cheaper than the red clay roof tiles.

White clay roof tiles

White clay roof tiles are clay roof tiles with all the added benefits of a ceramic roof tile. These are made of white clay material – which gives a superior finish to the roof tiles than any other materials. The white clay body will have better aesthetics and better color. The white clay tiles have ceramic coating for the outer body which gives it all the benefits of the ceramic roof tiles – water resistance, resistance to algae and fungus, 35 year colour life etc. These are lighter than the red clay tiles and these tiles can prevent more heat than the ceramic roof tiles. The main attractive features of the white clay tiles are their aestetics and colours. The most notable white clay roof tiles available in the market today is the KPG ROOFINGS JASPER series and EXCEL series.

Roofing shingles

Roofing shingles are actually asphalt sheet which gives premium aesthetics to your roof tops. The asphalt sheet comes as the base materials for the roofing shingles, and it also includes the fibre glass mesh which gives it more strength and heat resisting properties. Then the ceramic granules on the top layer of the shingles gives it more vibrant colours and provide nosie absorption.

Roofing shingles also have larger life span and premium aesthetics. The notable brands in the market include Saint gobain USA and IKO CANADA

For more details regarding roof tiles and to see all the available tile options in UAE, you can contact us – AMAN, directly over whatsapp on +971 58 206 3154

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